Thursday, 25 December 2014

Old Sweaters Get a New Look Tis the Season...

Yup, its been a long time... DG, is still alive and kicking.
While she was gone she did many projects and some actually completed in timely fashion but she did not get them here on Lazies.

Material Required

Glass beads
Embroidery floss or polyester sewing thread
Fine beading needle
Sweater you want to jazz up
Time: 4-5hrs 

This project (green sweater) was started yesterday and finished today total time devoted was about 4-5hrs on and off.
Red sweater was done over three- four days while watching news.

These are pretty easy project start on one corner, secure knots properly and work the threads along with the beads by running it through the beads so you don't have them hanging out, this way it becomes seamless.

Happy crafting

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