Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ever Ready Garlic-Chilly Flakes Seasoning


Lazy people need simple tricks to have both style, taste and convenience all in one go. Though our first generation working moms would grind onion, garlic and ginger paste and freeze it in small batches to use during the week when they fixed our quick lunches or had a guest stay back for dinner unannounced they would churn this fancy meal in no time this pre made paste would be their Ginnie trick. This tip works even today, last week DG met a lady who always treats people to these fancy meals rather a sort of buffet her trick she told was, at the end of every summer she'll spend two days chopping 50lbs of onions and garlic-ginger fry it and freeze it in small ziploc bags for winter and spring. 

It is a smart trick works only in countries where you have uninterrupted power supply that will keep your freezer running through months and years. Also, it is little too much work for a starving lazy person who when hungry wants everything in one pot ready to eat mode. So here she has invented her own Ginnie trick inspired by Thai chilly oil.

Chop lots and lots of garlic, just be careful after chopping fingers do burn as it is alkalic in nature. Wash hands, chopping board and knife thoroughly.

DG uses extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil for cooking as it has high melting point and doesn't go rancid also there are good number of health benefits to it. You may use a oil of your preference, just don't use olive oil, it has very low melting point and cooking it means killing it. Just spare the olive oil. Like garlic get lots and lots of chilly flakes, rather in proportion to garlic or according to your preferences.

Heat generous amount of oil, add chopped garlic let it cook on low heat, turning few times to prevent charring.

When garlic is rust brown add chilly flakes and cook for a minute or two and turn of the heat.

When cool, save it in a clean, air tight jar and store it in refrigerator or otherwise will last for few weeks and months as per the usage.

Season your boiled dal or soup need not worry about tempering (chhonk, tadka).